Quarantine…hmm 2020?

We all thought our society, at least in America was so advanced that a pandemic would never touch us. We had comfort in knowing that we are the most civilized and tech-savvy country in the world. 

The year 2020, which when I was a kid, seemed so far in the future…eh, futuristic, right? I’m sure you felt that way too. A vision that we have memorized years ago, included everything space-aged, and foreign. We could see robots, self-driving space vehicles. We were to live in clear bubbles that we could see though, to others, but made no contact with them. We were shielded some how, yet we could still exist.

The Jetsons, is very reminiscent of what we envisioned our lives to be; yet though that is what our memory held, our reality is far different from that. Sure, we have some advanced technology, like self-driving cars, and watches that we can communicate to by cellular means to others…but bubbles? Nope!

We are still susceptible to everyday germs, maladies, common cold and viruses. 

Enter: Coronavirus. A global pandemic. While we were all out enjoying our lives, a medical malady was brewing that will change the way we live, act and hope. Our carefree ways will change someone, now knowing that even though we have technology, we are still vulnerable and are still susceptible to disease.

We will recover, and this is just a temporary setback. However, we must heed this experience, and move forward with caution and concern. We need to live a bit differently, not taking everything for granted that everything will always be the way it is at this very moment.

Love each other always, and stop attacking those with different viewpoints. Listen to each other and appreciate our differences. Variety is the spice of life. None of us know what is just around the corner; so live well and love well.

Best of all do not fear the unknown or the final outcome. Just breathe.