Reflections: Change Is Good…

Reflecting upon a career that I began building some 23 years ago…to sum it up, I spent years getting the phone to ring, years keeping the phone ringing, and then it seems like a mere blip, I needed the phone to stop ringing.  Silly isn’t it? I was thinking about that this past month, as I settle in to my new, but not so different career.

Good follows good! That is true! I made myself available, treat people with respect, and treat them the way that I would like to be treated. Fairly simple mantra. Still holds true, today! 

Where as in my own business, Home Is Where The Heart Is, I was the owner, the bottle washer and the cook. In this new chapter of my life, I am simply the associate of a larger corporation, and I need only worry about how well I treat myself and my fellow residents.

Doing what comes naturally, getting compensation for my performance, enjoying every minute of it, putting in my full 40, then relaxing for 16. This is going to be a really nice change of pace.