Buyers Questions About Used Manufactured Homes

If I purchase a used manufactured home from a Dealer/Agent, do I have any recourse if I screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-37-19-amhave problems with it? Who do I contact?
The AZ Department of Housing’s jurisdiction on used manufactures homes. The department suggests that you first contact the used manufactured homes broker agent that helped you purchase the home. If there is nothing done to your satisfaction, then contact

Do I have to purchase a registration for my manufactured home each year?                        Your home is in a leased land community therefore you do not pay property taxes on your home, rather, you only pay personal property taxes on the home and possibly additions, such as carports, and Arizona rooms.

Does the State of Arizona regulate manufactured home anchors and set-up products?
Yes, all set-up material is required to be tested and approved to ADOH requirements.