attitude 4 gratitude…pleasant thoughts today for a better tomorrow

It is so easy to complain. Often it seems that complaining makes us feel better. Actually, though, we don’t really feel better we are just stuck in a vicious cycle, so we never feel bad. Once you stop complaining the cycling stops. You can actually see the beauty that surrounds you. LOOK! AROUND! YOU! Wow, when was the last time that you noticed just how beautiful a simple sunrise was? Or a sunset? Or the clouds that form, each day, each time differently?

Take a moment each day to discover what is new, that is freely given to view. Appreciate that moment as if were your last. Stop rushing to the next thing on the to-do-list, set down your iPhone and see with your beautiful mind, the wonderful day you could have.

I’m making it a point to see daily what I am thankful for. My gratitude 4 what is great, good and everything in between. Often times I will single out a memory of someone from the past that I feel deserves noticing. If you don’t appreciate it, well that is unfortunate, however it is my memory and I am going to preserve it the best way I know how. I am posting it for the world to see! Of course, no names are mentioned, I wouldn’t want someone knowing that you are one of my memories!

Have fun and return daily for the NEXT ADDITION! Peace!